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BBQ sauce

BBQ Sauce

A robust & flavorful sweet Smokey concoction with just a lil' bit of bite (heat). 

A great compliment to any Beef, Pork, or Poultry, dish or . . . 

Good enough to drink straight out of the bottle!!!!

Chow Chow


You probably saw the Chow Chow (hot or mild) featured on the Food Network special "Outrageous Foods"

Now everybody is clamorin' for it!

corn relish
But don't forget the Corn Relish

Beef Jerky

Large slabs of real hickory smoked and marinated 100% American beef, exploding with mouth watering flavor that makes your tastbuds scream for the next bite.

A thirty year old recipe that has been producing Jiggs Jerky Junkies for 3 decades.

Beef Jerky

Pork & Beef Rubs

We've been rubbin it on our slabs of pork ribs & shakin it on our pigsickles (boneless pork ribs) for over 30 years. Jigg's Pork Rub produces bold flavors that compliment pork (wild or tame), venison, and lamb.

One thousand pounds a week of beef brisket have been soakin up our beef rub since we opened the doors in 1978. Jigg's Beef Rub has consistently maintained a signature flavor that compliments beef as well as chicken & fish.


Down the line we will be shipping our meat products in cold containers.