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Specialty Sandwiches
on a
5" bun

Wooly Burger  $9.99
Mayo, Chow Chow relish, cheddar cheese, approx 31 oz of Hickory smoked ham & 7 slices of Beef summer sausage w/a splash of Jigg's Bq sauce equals 2 lbs of FUN!!!
Kitchen Sink  $8.99
All the smoked meats we could woopup (smoked ham, Beef summer sausage and Pork link sausage)  w/ mayo, cheddar cheese, tomato relish & a splash of Jiggs Bq sauce 
Pig Sickle  $7.69
2 mesquite smoked boneless pork rib patties layered w/ cheddar cheese mayo, mustard and showered in Jiggs Bq Sauce
Triple Pig Sickle  $8.69
Hungry man version of the Pig Sickle. Same as Pig Sickle but with 1 extra meat and cheese
Sausage Surprise  $7.69
2 kinds of smoked sausage (Beef summer sausage and Pork link sausage), cheddar cheese chow chow relish & mayo w/ a splash of Jiggs Bq sauce
BBQ Beef  $8.69
Succulent, fallin' apart beef brisket & Jigg’s Bq sauce
Basic Sandwich
Wheat or white bread
with mustard or mayo or bbq sauce

Ham  $5.29
Ham with Cheese  $5.99
Beef Sausage  $5.29
Beef sausage with cheese  $5.99
Pork Sausage  $5.29
Pork Sausage with cheese  $5.99

Any of above on a bun $6.69
Any of above on a bun with cheese $7.39

Extra Chow Chow relish $1.09
Extra tomato relish $1.09
Extra cheese $1.09
Extra sauce $1.09
Jiggs Hours

Large  20 oz.  $1.75
Small  12 oz.  $1.45

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew
Dr. Pepper, Rootbeer, Tea, Pink Lemonade

Free Refills

Bottled Water  $1.09
Side Orders

Potato Salad  6 oz.  $1.09
Potato Salad  20 oz.  $3.99
BBQ Beans  6 oz.  $1.09
Chips  $1.09
Dill Pickle  $1.09

Beef Jerky
 $1.70 oz.   $24.00/lb.
Jerky & BBQ Sauce can be shipped. Click here.