Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Jiggs been here?

As of Feb. 2014, Jiggs has been open for 36 years.

What’s the most popular Sandwich?Sandwich

Even though we sell a lot of all of them, the BBQ beef is the most popular.

Can people really eat an entire Wooly Burger?

We have several that are able to eat the entire thing. We also have several that have given it a good try. The most we have ever seen one person eat at one time was a Wooly and a BBQ. Lynn stated it was the best eating display he had ever seen. We gave the man some Jerky to top it off.

How much Jerky does Jiggs sell per year?

A LOT ... LOT ... LOT !!!!! Our best guess would be 3000 to 4000 pounds per year.

What is the best sandwich on the menu?

This has been Jiggs great debate for many years. All the customers have an opinion when it comes to this answer.

Do you have any vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes, onion)?

Do we look like rabbits? No, seriously, do potato salad or potato chips count?

Do you have any real plates?


Why not?

We haven’t been able to talk the customers into doing the dishes yet.

HippiesWhy do Hippies have to use the side door? (Hippies have to use side door sign hanging on the wall)

We don’t really have a side door. We just like the sign. (Lynn does have long hair after all)

Do you have fries?

No we have chips, beans, or potato salad and no we don’t have grilled cheese either.

Can we have your Jerky recipe?